Anushri vs Shruthi

I’d like to share something I’ve made. I think it’s a good exemple of how Anushri and Shruthi respective sounds can mix and blend together with their own characteristics.
It’s a bit long (…) and only “musical” developments are knobs tweaking.
Anushri and Shruthi respectively played through Re-201 and Timefactor, all recorded in one pass.
Hope your ears will enjoy.

@mihozu I like this a lot

Some nice sounds in here, I don’t know the Shruthi, can it sound analog also, sounds quite clean / digital there.

nice. Very FAXish

Very nice, I like the sound contrast between digital/warm analogue in the composition.

Hey, thanks everybody!
to colossal : my Shruthi has the fx filter board so it does sound pretty digital. You may check audio samples with other filter boards to get different ideas of how Shruthi can sounds.
to altitude : what is FAX??


Oof, you have some studying to do :slight_smile:

Start with “Air”

Or From Within