Anushri + volca korg

Is it possible to synchronise anushri and volca with the mini jack in and out synch.

Should be possible… And with midi too…

You can set the clock resolution of the Anushri to 4, 8 or 24 ppqn but the Volca uses 2 ppqn. So if you set Anushri to 4 ppqn and use the Anushri as master, the Volca playes at double speed. And vice versa, if you use the Volca as master, the Anushri plays at half speed.
You can sync the Volca via MIDI to the Anushri without any problems! Anushri have to be the master, since the Volca has only MIDI in. Unless your Volca has a MIDI out mod.
I just had a lot of fun with the Anushri and the Volca Beats using the generative drum sequencer of the Anushri!

Is the Korg Monotribe also 2 ppqn for clock resolution?

Yes it is.

The monotribe has the same clock as the volca’s …

Explains why MIDI always seemed to work better for me than the sync jacks.

Thanks a lot for all this information

Oh, only 2ppqn? That is lower than I expected but also means way easier to sync to certain types of non-Korg gear without having to use a clock divider/multiplier such as modules, MicroBrute, and older triggered sequencers and arpeggiators like on my Six-Trak.

It basically does 2 steps for every pulse. Which is a bit weird because 1 step per pulse would be much more logical and nice to combine with other (modular) equipment. I hope there will be a future update to bring it to 4ppqn.

I’m running into the same sync issue here. Monotribe firmware update let you divide the incoming sync signal, but Beats doesn’t have that feature as of yet. Bummer cuz this would have come in handy for simultaneously syncing my Volca Beats and SammichSID to the Anushri w/o a MIDI thru.

I was just solidifying my setup for a show this weekend and wanted to send MIDI clock to the Anushri, and then use clock out pulses to sync a Volca Beats.

So would it work if I modified the above code and changed this line to:

uint8_t clock_internal_rate_compensation[] = { 12, 6, 1 }

…to make the ppqn settings 2, 4, and 24?

Which ppqn does the Volca expect?

I believe it expects 2ppqn.

The Volca’s use 2 ppqn…
(oh to late :slight_smile: )

No you wouldn’t need to touch clock_internal_rate_compensation.

See my reply in the other topic.

Firmware compiled! Haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but here’s a custom firmware that accepts midi clock at 24ppqn but spits out 2 ppqn from the clock out jack! I’ll test it later tonight but thought I’d drop it here in case there are some brave souls who’d like to be guinea p… uh… daring capybaras. :wink:

Tested: works as it should! Thanks again for the hand-holding @pichenettes!

Oh! Now this is good timing! I’ve just got a volca beats to complete the trio and finished midifying them and giving them various outputs… This is exactly what I need. Shall give it a go maybe next weekend, when I’ve got my modular beaten into a semi-working state. Capybaras away!

I modified my volca synths by adding MIDI out, works a charm!