Anushri vco detune pot range

Hi There, I finished my Anushri the other night and got to have a play with it tonight. It sounds really good. I can get some thick bass and acid leads going with it. The sequencer is much easier to program than my x0xb0x too. I have a question about the range of the VCO detune pot. The manual says that I should get a range of -1 to +1 semitone from it, but I seem to be getting just less than 1 semitone. I am using ‘manual’ tuning (I set the trimpots by hand) and managed to get it to track reasonably well, but I was wondering if I had set something up wrong. I checked the range of the pot and I see a voltage of ~0 to ~5 volts at the wiper.

Anyone have any ideas?

Actually the manual is wrong, from the code I see that it has a much smaller range of half a semitone.

Yeah, that fits more with my experience. Before I set the offset to center on a note, I couldn’t get it the 2 oscillators into tune.