Anushri Troubleshooting

Seems I have the illustrious honour of being the first :frowning:

I should say I’m a reasonably experienced builder though I s’pose everyone says that and I’m sure that’s going to come back to haunt me :slight_smile:

Put the main board together and went through the voltages checks before proceeding. On the -5V rail I’m getting an odd reading: 0.5V. The route of this seems to be the output of the 7905 regulator (is of course propagated throughout the circuit where -5V should be).

Checked over the obvious stuff a few times, nothing jumps out.

Maybe a dead Regulator? LT1054 reversed? Here all Chip go the same direction - youll have to break with Shruthi Habits :wink:

could be a regulator swapping as well

Should maybe add that all other voltages are good and doesn’t appear to be any shorts.

Also I’m testing WITHOUT the ICs plugged in.

Try inserting the LT1045 and test again…

Ha ha, awesome!

I was sat staring at it thinking ‘My instinct is to test without the ICs in but that IC is a DC convertor…surely not?’

Well at least it might save someone else making the same mistake :smiley:

Thanks shifter.

Please edit the “reasonably experienced builder” into something that states your Caste in the ShruthiVersum™


Maybe it was a test that only shiftr passed. Thought about that, eh?


Ah, so we will redifine “reasonably experienced” to “might forget a chip here and there”

Well, technically, I didn’t insert ANY of the ICs… LOL

Damn Frank, I saw the forgetting a chip thing and thought about potatoes, then scrolled further, it’s like a prize!

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I wouldn’t worry so much eating potato chips. That fat lady with a cold has probably moved and now works at quality control for Foxconn checking 7905 regulators…

See here for the definitive Potao Chips

oh, and i made an entry here

These chips look a lot more attractive. So does the lady.