Anushri troubleshoot_LT1054 dead?

Currently troubleshooting anushri.
With a 12V psu i’m reading -3,30V at pin 5 of LT1054.
Also the LT1054 gets hot pretty quick…
I’ve checked solder points of all condensors around.
I don’t have a spare LT1054 under hand, is there anything I could check before swaping with a new one?

Check that your power supply really delivers 12V and not more…

I don’t think the 1054 is the problem here, but rather it’s quite likely that you have a short somewhere on your negative supply rail.
Unplugged, you can measure the resistance between Gnd and -5v on the circuit. If it’s reading a low value, then you have a short. It could be some tiny tin ball, a reversed chip, etc.

Thanks for reply.
MicMicMan, checked all chips using -5V, found one TL072 defectuous. Removing it give me correct voltage on negative rail.

Great news.
Maybe you inserted it backwards. Beware, there might be no notch but a dot, which indicates the right polarity for the chip.