Anushri + Tanzbar - some issues

Hello All,
Writing on the forum after a long time.
Anyway I managed to get the Anushri to work with tanzbar and haveing an almost perfect pitch (good octave transposition etc) but i did not managed to tune the filter.
Basically I cannot get it to self resonate.
Given the fact that I bought the synth second hand, I am thinking there is something in the build that was not right, maybe?
Is there a way I can check?

Also when I play the anushri with tanzbar I only get very low notes (Basically C1 to C4, tanzbar has basically 3 octaves…) and I need to have the filter always open to more than half to get any sound (using it as low pass).

This is not great as I cannot get useful bass tone.

Is it anything I have done wrong with the calibration maybe?
Any experience?

The strange thing is that it works very good with a SQ-1 by Korg (the new little box).

Thank you in advance

> Basically I cannot get it to self resonate.

Is there some resonance? Does it sound like it’s going to reach self-oscillation?

> and I need to have the filter always open to more than half to get any sound

This is not normal.

> I only get very low notes

Do you know what is the voltage output range of the tanzbar?

Hello Oliver,
thank you very much for your answer.
Below my comments:

1) the resonance works when I have sound in and it seems like is going to self resonate but it never get to do so

2) This is quite strange indeed and does not happen with midi or SQ-1 input

3) Tanzbar is 1V/oct

1V/Oct doesn’t say much. If the middle C is -2V, 0V, or 2V… will make a big difference.

Just to let you know, I am waiting for a response from MFB.
As soon as they get back to me I will write here.


You can measure it with a multimeter.

If I remember correctly, the voltage output range for notes is from 0 to 3V. I also think the gate and clock signals only go up to 3V.

Still not received any info from MFB and I was not able to find my multimeter yesterday (I would need to buy a new one…)

In the case t2k is right, what would be the solution in my case?
maybe there is something wrong I have doen with Anushri calibration?
like tuning it too low?

Anyway I will buy a multimeter today and check tonight most probably

Thanks…of course
Always :slight_smile:

Have you tried using MIDI to control the Anushri from the Tanzbar? This might get you a different or higher octave range than using CV.

If you want to use CV, you can use a utility module to change the voltage range.

Hello t2k,
yes I have tried midi and it works as you said.
I am just more intrigued at the moment with using CV/gate as I would like to learn a bit more about it.

but anyway thanks for the tip…:slight_smile:

From the manual:

Because of technical reasons, gate, clock, and start/stop signals have a voltage level of 3V.
So they might not be compatible with all vintage machines.

Can you check if the output of the tanzbar can trigger the Anushri?

the output of the tanzbar does trigger the anushri.
and it also does affect the VCF is I use CV3 for example.
my only issue is that if I use oct 1 (you have oct1 2 and 3) and I play lower C, this correspond to C1 and the sound is very very low in terms of frequency and level.
And I get that strange filter behaviour.
Also forgot to mention that this results are for the VCO range knob to the max.
If I place it in the middle it is even lower (not measurable as it is below C0 I believe).

Of course I am not mentioning that my anushry have a vco range knob that is not steppy…but I do not want to remember old discussions…

I am starting to think that it is also a mistake in my calibration, unless you see something strange with tanzbar Voltages.
Also ikke, thank you for digging the values out even if they do not resolve the question on teh CV.
I bought a new multimeter, I am going to measure it tonight.

What’s strange is that the CV output from the SQ-1 also outputs low voltages (0 from 1V, 2V or 5V), so you should not observe a difference in behaviour between the SQ-1 and the Tanzbar.

just measured the voltages
it is between 0 V and 3V, spannig four octaves between C notes
In reality is a 3 octaves full scale of notes.
So I agree with you oliver that this is strange…no idea why at this point.

I will try to redo the calibration so that I can have useful notes from it.
Anyway thank you for the help

Another update,

I have given up to use CV and I have moved to midi.
Now my issue is with the filter, or I believe it is.

If i have it in low pass and I close it completely and play a note that is like C1 it sound very bright!

As far as I know, if the low pass filter is fully closed (anticlockwise) I shall only hear the low end.
Same issue happen (but the other way around) with the high pass…I only hear the very high end if fully anticlockwise (so fully open filter).

I have to say that I have tweaked the trimmer in the back while doing the calibration for eurorack.

I have also reset the anushri with teh Hold + Run button, no change.

Do you reckon I have to troubleshoot the synth construction?
It has something that is not done properly (some knobs that are supposed to be stepped knobs are continuous) and some strange other behaviour.

When I turn it on, it always react like there is lot of oscillator pitch modulation, even if I wait more than 30 sec before turning it off.

Please help me!
It is becoming a nightmare. :frowning:

If the VCO range knob isn’t stepped then maybe custom firmware put on by the previous owner?

Thanks Sir. :slight_smile:

I managed to go back to the original settings…not sure what is it to be honest.
I have updated the o.92 firmware as you suggested and now it seems to work well…I will give it a go tomorrow again as well.

Anyway, what is the latest firmware to use?