Anushri SysEx recieve doesn't work?

writing a small tool to save and reload settings via SysEx dump atm.
When i send the dump request, the anushri sends back the data, but it does send it twice (10 messages in total, see pastebin).
The sysex messages look ok to me, but when i send them back to the anushri, nothing happens (i changed settings in the meantime ofc).
I made sure there is no midi feedback, in’s and out’s are set correctly, i tried all settings for the midi output filter on the anushri.
With the Ambika it works just fine, same approach.
Doing something wrong? Thx

I’ll have a look.

I could not reproduce the problem :frowning:

Here is the latest firmware update file Maybe you were running an older version?

When you said you changed settings, you mean in the sysex data? Maybe it’s because your checksum is not correct?

Updated the firmware, and tested the sysex dumping with the c6 tool. It works fine with c6 tool … so, not anushri’s fault! (:
I don’t change the sysex data (unless the checksum check wouldn’t succed, but it does) … maybe i’m sending the sysex data too fast?
Thx for the fast reply :slight_smile:

ha! it works when there is some delay between the sysex sends. so, thanks and n/m :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s a slow AVR, you need to be patient for it to digest the data :slight_smile: