Anushri suggestion

I got my anushri asembled and working with no big issues :). The only non relevant problem I found was that I soldered the patch zome (3.5mm mini jacks) not super aligned because they are a bit lose when you insert them in the pcb … so when I tried to mount the front plexiglass panel I found lots of problems… I solved this by making the holes for the minijacks (on the plexiglass) bigger… 8mm and everything is perfect… probably Im the only one who ran into this problem but would be nice to consider on to make those holes for the minijacks bigger :slight_smile:

I had almost the same problem and I was close to drilling the holes, but then I noticed that the PCB was slightly bent close to the minijack connectors. With a bit of strength applied to the board this worked and the case fits very well.

Ahh also, the hole for the power on-off switch is too small for my fat nail-less fingers :frowning: :frowning:

When I did my jacks I soldered one lug and then mounted the top of the case onto the board with the 10mm spacers. I then manage to push them around into better alignment by heating up the soldered lugs enough to adjust the position slightly. Not perfect but it meant that the top of the case went on pretty easily when I came to assemble it properly.

The bit I struggled with the most was fitting the underside screws of the two central (in the middle of the board) longer spacers. The holes were miles off but I got around it by loosening the spacers slightly and then using some long-nosed pliers I manage to push the spacers across enough to line up the screws. Means the two middle spacers are on a very slight angle. Not very noticeable though.

And yeah, both my PCBs are slightly bent. Thought my eyes were going funny!

maybe the should add some notes to the build instruction
my sugesstion is that first do the poti and switches and at last the 3,5mm jacks only solder with one food and aligne theme … with the potis first the case has some other references
lg widy

You can perfectly align the Jacks:

Before soldering the Pots:

  1. mount the DA 10 spacers to the Frontpanel
  2. place the Jacks (and LEDs if you want an opaque case where they have to be aligned to the correct height) into the Board.
  3. put the Frontpanel onto the Board, secure with a strips of adhesive tape
  4. align everything nicely and fix with Tape
  5. flip over and solder

Nice tip Frank. When the time comes, I shall follow. Then I’l insert some ICs backwards and swap the 7805 and 7905. :wink:


Yeah those tips should go into the anushri build page, that would help me a looooooooot Ill keep that in mind for my next MI.

I had issues getting those minijack sockets aligned, too. First time I did it, they were all over the place! I had to desoldered every single one and resolder. I did them all again and got them a little straighter, but they’re still not as nicely lined-up as I’d have liked. Frank’s tip sounds like the way to go, though.


the funny thing is, i discovered this procedure after soldering and constant realigning the jacks with another project soon to be revealed

i did the trick of the front panel just after soldering two jacks I was thinking they’re perfectly aligned :stuck_out_tongue:

so this will be a good tip to add for future users…

did you say Programmer?

project ?
jacks ?
soon ?

i didn’t say programmer.

As has been said many times here, most of what is on the Anushri is already laid out. There aren’t lots of CCs to address and the pots are directly wired (electrically) into the signal chain so a programmer for the Anushri just doesn’t make sense. Now as for the other thing Frank mentioned…yeah I’m interested in that.

If i think of PROGRAMMER for Anushri i think of notes … A nice little 2 octave keyboard with TACBLK and TACWHT …hhhmmmm

If you check the MIDI Implementation chart theres much to discover - complete Drum Synthesis + some other goodies…

I’m aware of all of that. What I think has bveen discussed as not making sense is a programmer ala the Shruthi XT type setup. A unique hardware extension for controlling some of that Drum synthesis might be interesting, but using schrab’s alternative drums only digital build might be a better avenue for building a dedicated Anushri drum box. I’d get on that but…

Actually, I finally have some patch wires for arduino so I think it is time I finally dove into programming and started working on my own hardware sequencer. I have a GORF and MidiBox SeqV4L now so I need to learn to use them, see what I like/don’t like and build from there. I have a two Arduino Unos doing nothing right now, though I would love to design and build something that would then be build using just the atmega, either 328 or 644 and could be made on a single perfboard or with control pcb perhaps.

What shiftr mentioned sounds more like a ‘programmer’ for the Anushri.

Had the same problem with the mini-jacks… Frank should be making me a new frontplate, because I’ve messed with mine to have ti fit and it don’t look good now. But now that I read this, I wonder if shouldn’t just make them wholes a bit bigger.
Also I agree on the switch thing, I think I’ll be replacing that sooner or later, it’s really not that practical.

So we’re going to see a programmer drum synth addon or something like this for the Anu soon?

Programmer? Did anybody say Programmer?

I want a box that lets me play Fraktus tunes with the Anushri…