Anushri standard case

Yellow or clear?


yellow, as a change.

And what Yellow? Like the Yellow Magic?

a bit different? :slight_smile:

annoying customer :wink:

you’re killing me, i think i will found some photos in here…

yellow magic will be cool, but i think people is trying to make a rainbow with the cases


How about translucent blue or green? I too would like something that hasn’t been used before.

The boards are yellow-blue will be a no-no if you want to read anything on the boards. It’s been discussed before that there really isn’t a good green Plexi colour…

Yellow for me - remembering the Yellow Magic case is a one-off and this will be an ongoing product.

yellow, it does look quite cool on the Yellow Magic, so I’m sure it will work on the Anushri!

yellow… the YME is the best looking Shruthi imho … so will be good for the Anushri too.

Orange, preferably fluorescent 2C01 GT.

If the boards are yellow, orange for the case would be nice.

Having the boards on hand, yellow will be the best, absolutely! It would be nice to have the fill blue, but we can do that ourselves.



…or same colour as Irn Bru? :slight_smile:

+1 for Yellow

Purple. But my second choice would be yellow.