Anushri Stability when Using a 9V Battery?

Using my one spot adapter with a center positive plug to power my Anushri is very reliable. With alkaline, lithium and NiMH 9V batteries I’ve noticed that it doesn’t take long (a couple of hours) for the the Anushri VCO tuning to become very unstable. I’m using one of these to connect the battery with the Anushri: Is there anyone else who has noticed this issue?



It might simply be that Anushri has drunk all the juice from the battery…

yes, the anushri is pretty hungry.

You want a nice big lithium ion or lithium polymer rechargeable pack.

I have a 7.4v Lipo battery pack for my mountain bike lights and that works great with the Shruthi, not that I’ve tested how long it lasts of course as it was just a test.

Thank you for your responses! Over the last year I’ve grown accustomed to taking my lunch break with the Monotribe, a mini Kaoss Pad 2 and a small battery powered amplifier. I want to be able to do the same with my Anushri. I’ll see what I can find for lithium ion or, for a greener approach, a lithium polymer rechargeable pack.

I think I may have found a viable battery power solution: