Anushri Revisited

I built Anushri about a year ago, actually a Skookum Anookum. Tinkered with it a bit, then put it aside until last week.

I loaned my other analog mono synth to a friend, so I decided to wake up the Anushri. Plugged it into an Axoloti configured for some delay and reverb.

Sound is amazing. I’d forgotten how weirdly expressive this gadget is. The oddball oscillators, the clever modulation scheme, the use of MIDI velocity, the sequencer, arpeggiator, drums. Wow.

This is just a suggestion - if you’ve got an Anushri that you haven’t used in a while, fire it up. It’s better than you remember!


That’s good advice.

I’ve had an Anushri (also built from Anookum) lying around for some time waiting for some modifications before it’s put into its case. (And also an Axoloti waiting for a case.)

Now I’m even more eager to push forward and get it done.


Haha, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now as well. :smile:

synths need effects.


I remember when I got my first synths - a Yamaha CS20m and a Roland SH5 in the early 90’s, and thought - “Is this all they do? Damn. Needs delay and reverb.”
I often think that I wish I had never sold them - but now I have eurorack.