Anushri Resonance Body Contact

Hi everyone, I’ve just finish to solder my Anushri, but I’ve got few problems with the sound of it:
the vco signal seems to failed drastically around IC10 but it is definitely here. The pot for the Vco Detune and the LFOShape seem to be directly linked (as if vco detune doesn’t work BUT change the LFOShape). More funny is the fact that trying to figure out how the all thing work I was touching the pcb and the ICs with probe: whenever I create a body contact with either C14 or C20 the Anushri seems to have the resonance properly working otherwise the resonance wil not work before to have it turn around 50/60%. And it sound like everything start again to work as expected (filters are efficient the vco detune pot isn’t link anymore to the lfo shape etc,etc)
As I’ve got no idea of what’s going on and no experience in DIY synth, I wonder if someone could explain to me what is happening under the hood doing this body contact and if it is showing a specific trouble with my card that I could fix like a Capacitor to be change or a resistor. Hope it make sens and Thanks for the help. Can’t wait to make it growl!

Start by reheating the solder joints for these parts. Post a picture of your board.

Hi Pichenettes,
I’ve just reHeat pretty much all the resistor around the area and some other points that looks to me a bit to bad. You’ll find attached the four pic of the boards: sorry for the bad quality I’ve only a phone around.
What make me think of a broken capacitor is this discussion
the thing is Hostgrabber didn’t give any information on which capacitor was broke for his Anushri. The second half of the symptom he had on his on unit are quite the same as mine (I did the voltage trouble shouting part with everything showing the expected result so far).
After reheat no more chance actually it the same as previous with the body contact on the two 220capacitors creating the good amount of resonance. I’ve attached the picture (sorry there is a lot of missing parts and most the others are coming from bit and pieces I’ve collected on other broken devices so it looks pretty uggly :wink:

Hi Pichenettes,
As I’ve received this morning two news capacitor for C14 and C28. I redone my soldering for those two parts…boot it up and IT WORKS.
That thing is a beast.
Thank for this great synth.

I really like those 3 odd knobs on the top left of your control board!

I think they come from a broken Ibanez distorsion Guitar Pedal I’ve found in flea market for less than one euro. All the other caps are from an Akai dsp12 as I’ve fixed few months ago an mpc2000xl with its screen (and had lots of pots and sliders left over; some of them have been use in this Anushri. The dsp12 is a great value if you’re into junk sourcing :wink: