ANushri receives MIDI but not sequences from Moog/minibrute

Hey all, I was at a pals house and the anushri was receiving MIDI data, when we hit the keys , it triggered the notes and actually also the CV gate to my modular, but any sequences or arpeggios that ran wouldnt activate anything. Is there a setting i was missing? or is it something to do with the Sub Phatty/Minibrute?


I guess these devices sent a START/STOP message, which the Anushri interprets as “stop what you’re doing and start playing the sequence” - which might be empty in your case.

Can you disable the sending of this message upstream?

We disassembled everything so I cant try it now , but next time I will , that sounds like it may be the problem

if it makes any difference, the sequences were driven by a MIDIpal