Anushri rackmount kit

Ok, so my Anushri is almost completely built I’m just stuck on this one final step…

I got this super-sweet rack mount kit, but sadly, it appears the rack mount kit doesn’t have any instructions. I know this stuff should be simple, but I’m a bit baffled.

1. The Anushri assembly instructions mention that I need to solder -12, ground, ground, +12 from the extra power I/O section on the main board. If that’s the case, why are there just two connections on the supplied power connector? Also the kit comes with two thick gauge cables, which I’m assuming are for power? But four connections to the main board are required??

2. I’m assuming the supplied ribbon cable is for the MIDI connectors?

3. So that means that I need to supply my own cable for audio? That’s fine, just confirming that’s the way it should be.

4. I haven’t put the main board and the control board together yet, but I’m assuming that once I do, I’ll connect the back plate the same way I connect the control and main board… Using supplied metal spacer things?

All in all, this was an easy, straightforward build. I was a bit surprised to see the lack of documentation with the rack kit but I’m guessing the demographic might be a bit smaller for this kit? Regardless, I can’t wait to plug this synth in and hear it

#1 question: you want to mount this into a rack, or a modular?

#1 If you want to power the Anushri via a Modular Synth ±12V PSU leave out the 1054 and solder a 2x5 (Not included) Connector to the PCB. Else use the thick REd and Blue Wires to wire it to the included Panel Mount Jack either for the Breakout or the Backpanel.
Dont solder the onboard Power Jack + On Off Switch (use a bridge here) as it might get to tiht to integrate into your rack.

#2 Ribbon cable is for MIDI and Audio, you need 4 Wires for MIDI (2IN 2Out) and 3 for Audio (GND, IN, Out)

#3 No

#4 Yes. Or you can fix it with tape and remelt the metal parts to something more useful like a Matchbox Car.

For the lack of Docs: i assumed people that want to Rack their Anushri seem to exactly know what they are doing hence need no step by step instructions.

Thanks so much for the responses. Yeah, pardon the n00b questions, but I think I’m all set now.

I’ll be mounting this in a modular setup… my first actual experience with a modular setup. I will be acquiring the Tip Top Happy Ending Eurorack kit and mounting it in that - so that will supply my power.

For now, I hacked together some things just to get her running with a standard 9v adaptor. At 2:47am last night, I gave birth to a beautiful new Anushri. :smiley: She sounds massive and totally awesome!

The matchbox car I hacked together following the successful birth of Anushri wasn’t so hot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers and thanks again - photos to follow once I get her euroracked up.