Anushri quirk (?)

Seasons Greets, roughly a year and a half ago I bought a 2nd hand Anushri.

It’s only lately that I’ve had the chance to check it out properly but it seems there’s a slight unintentional (?) quirk with the synth . . .

While the sequencer runs and within the’Clk/Kbd’ page adjusting the ‘VCF LFO’ pot the BPM is increased / decreased.

Additionally turning the ‘Tempo’ pot doesn’t effect the sequence BPM . . .

So far - to help fix the above;

All ICs have been pressed firmly down.

Closely looked at both the Main and Control control boards for any bad solder joints / bridges etc.

Tested all +ve points according to the Troubleshooting section in it’s build instructions. Unable to test the -ve points as I’ve only a very old analog meter at the mo’.

By any chance has anyone experienced a similar problem with their Anushri? Plus anything to check for specifically?

I’ve taken hi-res photos of the boards which can be added if necessary. Thanks

The pots are handled in software.

This means that you should see the same kind of mix-ups in other modes.

For example, when the synth page is active, do you also get a modification of the Glide amount when turning the VCF LFO pot? But nothing happening when turning the Glide knob?

Do you get similar mix-ups with other pairs of knobs? For example the VCF ENV knob and another setting?

Cheers for the response - yeah it seems the same pot effects the Glide time in the Synth page and also the Map X coordinate in the Drums page.

It doesn’t sound like there’s any other mix-ups between parameters . . .

. . . Assuming the firmware update by MIDI feature is programmed on it’s ATMEGA chip might a software update via SysEx resolve the mix-ups?

I’ve been searching for the most recent Anushri firmware ( version anu_0.92 ) in SysEx format - unfortunately this firmware no longer resides on the Mutable site.

The .hex version has been found elsewhere but I don’t possess the means to either convert it to a .syx file or to load it into the synth via the AVR_ISP connector.

Considering the software mix-up would this signify the chip has been self sourced / programmed?

Also, are the MidiPal’s firmware variants ( again Sysex ) still accessible somewhere too?

What I mean here: the LFO or the tempo clock are not implemented in hardware. There’s only a circuit reading the values of the pots and sending it to the software. So if there is any problem, it should also causes glitches when the pots perform other functions. Not just in the ‘Clk/Kbd’ mode as you originally stated.

Ok, so you’re confirming that!

It means there’s a problem in the hardware reading the value of the pots. Check for shorts, broken traces, solder bridges, bad solder points near IC17 and IC18…

No. It’s more likely you’ll be bitten by a shark and struck by lightning the same day you won the lottery… than a firmware update causing absolutely everything to work except for a slight glitch.

Looking closely there’s no bad solder joints etc. around IC17 / 18 . . .

Interestingly if these two chips are changed over;

Turning the ‘Tempo’ pot now does effect the sequence BPM.

( The swap was repeated a couple of times to be sure. )

However with either chip in either location, turning the ‘VCF LFO’ pot doesn’t change the amount of LFO modulation applied to the filter cutoff.

Might this indicate a problem with these chips?

Yes, it looks like one of them would be defective.

Okay will replace them asap thanks.