Anushri Quick Check/Demo Mode?

Hi, a friend got a fresh Anushri built for someone else and has no MIDI or such at all to test it.
Is there a demo mode or quick check to see if everything works as intended?
cheers, Michael.

You mean some kind of “Press 3 Buttons and it plays Lambada?”

:smiley: yeah … just to check it sounds ok (i.e. analogue part working) and the digital part does it job.
(I’m aware that all may sound odd, but the situation is sorta funny/complicated)

I browsed the manual but can’t see something like that … well … looking for alternative ideas.

read the section “Latch and hold, jamming without MIDI keyboard” from the manual please.

hehe, the magic four lines! I hope that helps.

:slight_smile: This Anushri appears to work!
This box will be a present to a fellow musician as part of a joint effort of a handful of people around the globe (well, almost).
Since we know he still refuses to build kits (for obvious reasons, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea), we decided to do it for him. Since he’s in the NL and others are from the USA, FR, BE, UK etc. one volunteered to build it. So this gentleman (from UK) is good at building, but he’s not into MIDI and sequencing stuff. And he has very little time, but nevertheless is the only one who can do it until next week.
(I could do it in a month or so, too late, too much on the road)
So now we all can meet next week, play this concert and pass on this gift … lovely! :smiley:
cheers, m.