Anushri psu keeps flicking on and off - probably a loose connection

Hey all - I’m using a 9vdc centre positive plug and mine has an on off switch but its super sensitive to the positioning of the actual plug into the dc I on
Anushri. If I have the anushri facing me with the power plug at the top and I don’t move it around it ok (sorry gravity is giving me a helping hand there

  • I can’t imagine its doing the circuit any good as it could click on and off 10-15 Bedford I can get a stable connection.,
    Any suggestions?

Would wrapping some tape around the dc connector to make it sit better? It’s for sure the coerce plug as its one with multiple sizes - it’s really giving me this shits

The Anushri uses a power plug with a 2.1 mm center pin. You are probably using the bigger variety for a 2.5 mm centre pin (and corresponding hole in the jack).
You could replace the plug on the PSU with a 2.1mm one