Anushri Power supply. (in the USA), (answered)

Hey there! So, as soon as the shop opens back up on the 5th I intend on ordering an Anushri for my first proper analog kit. I just ordered a decent electronics soldering iron and some electronics solder. I had just a few questions I hope are simple and easy to answer.

First of all from what I have gathered, the kit does not come with a power supply. And, I do not think I am fully understanding what is required for it. it says:

“2.1mm power connector, requires 7.5V-9V 300mA supply, with center pin positive, outer collar negative.” So, I know how to find 9v, I can also find 2.1mm connector but I am not sure what I am looking for with center pin positive outer collar negative.

I am in the US, so I will need that style of plug, and I have just been trying to look on amazon for an appropriate adapter and have come up with nothing.

Any tips/hints/suggestions on a model or what exactly I am looking for?

Second questions would be is there a particular thread outlining obstacles people have run into and how they worked around it, or is the information sort of just spread out throughout the forum?

Thank you for any help!

I ordered one of these initially from Amazon:

It’s 7.5v and powered things on without a problem, but my Anushri didn’t sound as “full” as some of the demos I heard. On the advice of some other builders I decided to order another supply, this time 9v:

Both work! Maybe it’s placebo, but I like the 9v and the sound I get with that more. I’d advise going for that one.


the 9v one says that it is 500mA and 5.5mm power plug is it okay to drive the anushri an extra 200mA?

also, thanks for the quick reply on such a small forum :slight_smile:

The 5.5mm is the barrel length I believe. 2.1mm is a pretty standard diameter for a barrel connector, so many generic adapters in this voltage range will fit. The amps will be fine as long as it is higher than the minimum required by the Anushri (which the two I linked are).

Glad to be of assistance :slight_smile:

I used this one , from Amazon. Set at 7.5 v. A test with a multimeter showed accurate voltage.

Center positive means the inside of the ‘barrel’ is positive and the outside of the ‘barrel’ is negative.

You may want to test (cheap multimeters are handy) for voltage. ‘Wall warts’ can be off spec, sometimes way off. The 7805 voltage regulator (on the Anushri) will get really hot if the voltage is too high.

Awesome, thank you both so much. This answered my question for sure.

Note that using a power supply with a higher current rating is not a problem - the number is the maximum current the supply can deliver; and it won’t deliver more than what the circuit needs.

I’d like to use a voodoo lab pedal power 2
to power my future anushri (waiting for the delivery)
But it says 250mA maximum, will it suffice or should I look for another power supply ?
I’m powering other pedals and stuff on my desk with this that’s why I’d like to use it.
Thanks for your answer

250mA is a bit to low i guess…
I guess best you get a bunch of these

I power pretty much everything with it from MidiPAL to the Cirklon and MW2XT. I have about 15 of them and they never let me down so far…

Hey thanks for your answer,
I guess the fact these have different plug sizes and you can reverse polarity easily make them pretty handy.
But I’m trying to save power plugs space below my desk :slight_smile:

The reason I’m asking what’s obviously not recommended by the Anushri specs, is because for example the Line 6 digital delay has a 1A power supply but draws around 200mA (this is why the pedal power supply I use is providing a special line 6 output which is 250mA)

And the current is very clean from this pedal power supply (which I’m not sure I would tell the difference anyway)

If your PSU is underpowered (that means that it cant load the onboard buffering caps fast enough) you will instantly notice noise, ripple in the audio, jumping pot values (to digital scanned pots) and many other spooky things happen…

ok thanks, will look out for this kind of glitches, and if it happens will buy a new psu.