Anushri power distribution test : bad voltage on cyan and number 3 point [SOLVED : insert LT1054 IC]

Hello before inserting IC’s i tested voltage on all point here :

everything is ok exept
on cyan point : 0.493 V
and on 7905 IC21 : on point 3 : 0.115 V and point green : 0

Should i insert all IC’s for the correct voltage at this point please ?

Thank you !

What are your voltages at points <1> <2> and <3>? Re-check your solder joints on the voltage regulators (7805 and 7905) before proceeding. You might need to insert the LT1054 to get the right voltage at the cyan and green points.

You were right about ! : LT1054 must be in place to get right voltage at the cyan and green points.
Everything is perfect, thank you ! :slight_smile:

No problemo - I just went through some similar issues with my anushri, so it was fresh in mind. I think I just leveled up on troubleshooting!

MI power ! :slight_smile: