Anushri, "pioneers" run [all boards sold!]

Paid! Yay!

Yup, it’s your choice of knobs… BA761x21 or CP157+AA150 x21

Any info. on my question?

I’m sure you’ll get one!

Here are the two styles of knobs:

diggin the white ones! Wish I could jump in on this one, but too many projects going on at once! Think I can hold out till next month…maybe.

Snagged one! Adding the necessaries to this weeks Reichelt/Mouser/DigiKey orders.

BTW: Is it possible to buy more of the Ambika voice cards?

Echo @jojjelito’s question re the voicecards…

love the white ones.

Board and Chips ordered, gonna have to make a mammoth order (both metaphorically with mouser and I think elsewhere as the spacers aren’t available here and with Mammoth Electronics for those v2164s (also for the LP build). If you have those spacers or any of spares of those spacers and/or the other non-mouser stuff (dpdt switches or 3.5 jacks) I would gladly paypal the difference for that directly. Just let me know before shipping. Glad I put off my mouser order till tomorrow!

daammmm you guy’s are to speed for me
pcbs are already out of stock !
Must wait now…

But not that long and you would probably get a full kit …

Is there anyway to get in on this Olivier? Since I am sending my money this week for the Ambika, I might as well just pool it all together!

All boards have been sold.

+1 for those white knobs. they look bad ass…

I think I prefer the ones on the right. More standard, but they’re quite classy and with the standard shruthi and ambika ones they provide some kind of a “mutable signature”. I’m a bit scared that the ones on the left tend to become fragile and lose their “hat” with time, use and sweat.

Just while waiting for the components, could you tell us what the outline dimension of an Anushri sandwich ?

PCB is 198x109. Vertically: 20mm spacer ; 1.5mm board ; 10mm spacer ; 1.5mm board ; 10mm clearance below the top panel.

Damn, they got sold out fast.

I prefer the white knobs.

For moment I’m reading the schematics and I have a question,
how with SW8 you can select BP from the filter to the VCA??