Anushri, "pioneers" run [all boards sold!]

I’ve build a pair of the new boards and they work great!

You can buy boards here.

Assembly instructions and BOM here.

The quantity is limited. Don’t buy:

  • If you don’t plan to build it rapidly. The official release will be in early october anyway.
  • If you don’t plan to give feedback. I’ve sold a few Ambika mobo/voicecards to people I haven’t heard from since then - and I don’t want this to happen.

I’m down for this and can meet the criteria if delivery is within a week.

You’re in the UK, right? Then the board should be delivered within 1 week, yes.

Also, if you want a programmed ATMega, buy quantity = 3 of the spare parts item.

Yes UK, a pre programmed ATmega is a good idea. I’ll check out the BOM and if I can get all the parts from a UK supplier before Friday then I will order. Failing that I will wait for the kit (assuming you are planning a kit) in October.

Not in for this one, Olivier, but I hope my Ambika feedback was useful.


tempted! won’t have time over the next few weeks/month or two though. i’ll hold off till october…

btw, olivier, you should post this over on muffs. that place gets a shit load of traffic and there are lots of DIY types that would jump on this i reckon…

rhaaa another temptation…

edit : Olivier, did you already send the lp2 delay board?

edit bis : when would you like to have your feedback? end of september?

@MicMicMan: it’s packed, I’ll send it tomorrow. If you want to get the Anushri boards shipped in the same box (that’s what you want isn’t it?), make a direct paypal payment of the boards price.

@ootini: I’d rather see these go to familiar people here

grr. glad i ordered other pcbs yesterday.

@pichenettes, I’m on the road for a few hours but want to order when I get home, any chance of holding one?

Same thing if my delay PBS haven’t shipped!

I’ll be home in Probably 4 hours

Screw it. Payment sent.

(you read in my mind…)

i hope i’m in time this time!

Payment sent …
Did someone already build the mouser BOM ?
I could build it tomorrow alfternoon (Greenwich time) if nobody else do it before …

Payment send here too :slight_smile:
is there a really fast way of ordering the BOM on mouser? or is everybody just copy pasting it part for part like me?

There is indeed… You can copy and paste quantity | mouser ref lists on this page:

Tempting… Wonder if I can make it in time before the public release though? Hmm, gotta give this some thought. Would be nice if it could coincide with a ltd kit run of the Yellow Magic, but I guess one has to wait for everything to align.

The BA761 knob with quantity 0 is not necessary