Anushri panel questions

I’m testing waters for having Anushri alu panels done and getting quotes. I’m lost with all the options!

Just curious about your preferences and some pro/cons you might have about the following techniques…


  • Black painted alu
  • Anodized alu
  • “Brushed”, “Raw” alu

Printing technique:

  • Engraving
  • Silkscreening
  • “Metal printing” (printing before anodization so the ink stays “captured” in the panel)
  • Lexan/overlays

I don’t want to be fancy on this, just getting something that will integrate well with the rest of your modules.

Are we talking about modular (eurorack ?) panels here ?
Eurorack tend to be anodised and metal printed, whereas 5U tends to be black painted and engraved.
Personally I quite like brushed / raw or anodized alu with engraving but metal printing is nice too.
I think anodized engraves much better than brushed because it is harder and thus gives a sharper edge.
Isn’t metal printing ridiculously expensive unless you go for a very high volume ?

Eurorack panel, yes…

What do you mean by “very high volume”? I think I’m in the same position in terms of volume as some other module makers - I can afford to do what they do. I don’t mind ordering 100 if that’s the quantity at which pricing starts looking good.

Ah ok, yeah sorry very high volume was probably quite overstated.
I don’t remember the exact numbers ( this is from a discussion on muff diy a while ago ) but I have a feeling it was in the hundreds.

Anodised Silver would be the way to go-raw will end up looking like an unpainted diecast stomp box case after a while. Just cast an eye over the modules in my system and I wouldn’t be too fussed over a brush finish-Analogue Solutions is the only manufacturer in my rack where the brush finish is noticeable-the rest it is either very subtle or not present. “Metalphoto”/metal printing would be the way to go-lots of manufacturers use it (even people running groupbuys like clarke68 on Muffs), looks professional, and doesn’t wear (unlike screen-printed plastic ink which can rub off eventually).

As for 5U, it tends to be either blackpainted with screen printing (MOTM, Bridechamber or dotcom) or metalphoto (STG). Engraving/FPE in both Euro and 5U tends to be short-run manufacturers like Zerosum Inertia’s tube modules or custom/ondemand like krisp14u/Oakley. I would definitely anything that anything Pichenettes had to offer would generate enough interest to justify a normal Euro production run (a hundred or two), and therefore standard panels.

i would suggest taking a look at Post Modular and see all the pretty colours. I have almost no vanilla flavoured silver colouring in my Eurorack, it equates with Doepfer, a great place to start , but people soon move on to more exotic modules, which is why so many Doepfer modules turn up secondhand on eBay. Gone are the days of Henry Ford.

Please please do some color (Orangina?), i can’t see these Alu-Natur Panels anymore. Reminds me each time of an early 80ies Technics Silverpainted Plastic HIFI System.

> I have almost no vanilla flavoured silver colouring in my Eurorack

If I had the choice between a rack with only silver-coloured modules (Doepfer, Pittsburgh, Make Noise, Intellijel, MOTM, Livewire, Malekko) ; and a rack with only fancy colored modules (Snazzy FX, ADDAC, Metasonix, BLM), it would be a pretty obvious choice :slight_smile:

How about a brushed anodized look? Maybe blue? Or are the two finishes incompatible with each other?

'Raw" might oxidize. I like powder coated, it may be cheaper than anodized. Great idea though, the Anushri is a nice piece of equipment.

I like the style of the silver-coloured modules, Pittsburgh’s look really great with the big knobs and leds and minimalistic legends, I also like Make Noises fancy writings and lines, or how intellijel differentiates inputs and ouptuts, breaks the monotony of silver plates, but stays simple and classy

Color is good too, fcd’s colorfull rackmounted YellowMagic and Polivoks are great.

@Greenrange: Exactly right about raw aluminium. Powder coating is a good option too.

I’m one of those people who likes colour in my Eurorack but it’s a fact there are a lot of people who want an essentially hybrid system to look like “an instrument”. For example 4ms recently reverted some of their panels from coloured to silver backgrounds, and there was even a person making and selling alternate faceplates for MakeNoise modules because people objected to the cryptic/idiosyncratic legending and typography. Sad truth is-it will sell more if it has silver background. If this goes against your aesthetic principles, or if you would like to limit the appeal to more open-minded individuals, at least to start, then feel absolutely free to disregard the advice. After all, no-one has yet dared to tell off Metasonix for having yellow panels. :slight_smile: Also it is possible to do a lot with good design within these constraints-see Pittsburgh, Intellijel, Plan B and Clarke Robinson .

Fun fact number 1-the whole black on silver thing was not even Dieter Doepfer’s idea (or preference)when he was developing his system a certain robot-loving duo got involved and they expressed a desire for black on silver and you don’t say no to Ralf and Florian…

For me
-raw aluminium

Is there still a plan for Anushri alu panels?

I’ve narrowed things down to alu + metalprinting; quotes are in progress, but no design has been done yet (just an estimate based on the current plexi panel design).

Will you update the serigraphy ? I’d love to see a panel with parameters printed for the lower knobs.

This will have a different look. If I ever do it - so far I’m not sure if there’s much interest for it…

I’m definitely interested. My preference is by far an alu plate over plastic…

I’m definitely interested ! In fact, I first wanted to make my own case since I’m not satisified with the current one. I finally bought a yellow case just because I didn’t have time to build it myself.

I also find that the [1…10] labels on the bottom pots is near to useless, I was thinking to change the panel just for that, I’d rather have a verbose label depicting each of the three functions of a pot, eventually infilling them with different colors.
I always forget the functions of the pots that I use the less…