Anushri Modular power needs

Hi, finally found my log in so now I can post again. Yay!
I cant find any information on the power requirements when using Anushri in a modular system ?
Does it need +5vdc as well ? edit; just read the post below stating no +5vdc needed.
What is the current draw ?
Would this be ok ?
I’m trying to spend as little as possible and another $100+ for a power supply is crazy when I have so many plug packs I can get from work.

I’m actually making something quite cool (with 2xAnushri’s) and will post more details soon if your interested.
Thanks, Jeremy.

There’s something I don’t understand. If you want to put them in a modular, why do you need an additional power supply? Can’t you use the powered bus-board from your modular?

And if you want to build a “modular” with just two Anushris, you don’t need to bother with the power connector - I think you can just use a beefy 9V wall-wart (say 500mA) and route it to both power inputs. Just a bit of cable splitting… It’s more a “rack-mounted” configuration than a modular…

Ok, I dont have a modular, I found a case that will fit two Anushris perfectly, and I’m going to add a mixer (modular). So yes I could share a psx for the Anu’s but since I now need a psx for the mixer, it would be neater with just 1 modular psx.

So do you know the current requirements ?

I don’t and don’t have much time at the moment to make the measurement ; but i’d say as a rough estimate 100mA on the positive rail and 40mA on the negative rail.

Thank you, thats fine, a rough estimate is all I need.