Anushri Midi Problem

I am trying in vain to get my Anushri to respond correctly to midi in Ableton but it just won’t work properly. There is a huge delay, like 20 seconds before it trys to play. This happens when it plays sequences from Ableton and also if I play a note on my midi keyboard. What could be the problem? It is driving me insane!

I have no clue what the problem exactly is but i notice that most of the MIDI problems coming up here are somehow in relation with Live….

Have you tried with another Sequencer and/or another Synth?

Most people with MIDI problems are probably Live users not because there’s something wrong with Live’s MIDI implementation or setup, but simply because these people haven’t been using any (non-USB) MIDI gear until now. :slight_smile:

I do agree with testing with an external MIDI keyboard connected directly to the Anushri first. This in much more foolproof than using your computer so you’ll at least know if the problem is with the synth or not.

Yes, you’re right, it is my first non-USB midi piece of kit. We’ve all got to start somewhere. :slight_smile:

The Anushri works fine with an external MIDI keyboard connected directly, but it doesn’t when MIDI’ed up to Ableton.

I have turned the tempo to external, cleared all patterns out of sequencer, arp is off.
In Ableton midi preferences I have track and remote on in Midi Port: Output.

And it just goes very erratic from there on in. Midi sequences from Ableton play strangely or out of time. If I try and play something on the MIDI keyboard plays seconds after I hit the note. Sometimes it plays when I release a note. Sometimes not at all.

I’ve tried different cables etc. Nothing seems to get it right. I really don’t know what to do.

I’ve also just tried it with a Polysix with Kenton Midi. It’s doing the same thing so I now know it’s a problem somewhere else :(. Sorry to bring it up here. Will have to keep playing around until I work it out.

So its more an Ableton Problem instead of a Anushri problem….

In special it sounds like a MIDI sync problem. My guess that one side is configured to MIDI clock and the other side to MIDI time code (MTC). Such a configuration can behave quite erratic, depending on how good the implementation of these features are…

If you don’t mind elaborating… what do you mean by “side”? Do you think the problem can be solved within ABleton or could there be an issue with the roland Octa-capture settings? (I tried a test tone in my Audio Midi Setup utility on my mac and I heard it so I guess that’s working).

Any clues would be wonderful. I have literally been sitting here all wekend trying to get this to work!

+1 on trying to isolate the MIDI problem from a potential Ableton Live configuration problem.

The problem lies somewhere with the Roland Octa-Capture. Just hooked sound up with an EMU 0404 and it’s working as it should be.

Can you make sure to only connect the MIDI OUT on the OCTA-CAPTURE to the MIDI IN on the Anushri with a single MIDI cable and not also connecting the MIDI OUT on the Anushri with the MIDI IN on the OCTA-CAPTURE with another MIDI cable?

Indeed, there may be some midi echo (passing input to out, creating a feedback loop) feature at work?