Anushri midi help

I have a midi keyboard I would like to use with my anushri but for the life of me cannot get the combo to work. I feel like an idiot.Anybody who could help me get this figured out I would be indebted to .

Maybe it’s a MIDI channel problem? On which channel is the MIDI keyboard sending?

hmmm good question . Ill try and find out . Fairly new to midi but when I plug it into the oto biscuit I have , I can play its synth
Thanks pichenettes !

by default the Anushri receives midi from channel 1. but you can change that (check the manual to know how to do that) also make sure you have the cable plugged into the midi IN :slight_smile:

After doing it wrong, I’ve learned midi in goes to out, midi out to midi in. Male/female analogy. Both devices on the same channel AND a working midi cable. Avoid the ones your dogs have snacked on (see .bin of avatar above).

im stumped . i followed the instructions in the anushri manual and my behringger manual and still nothing . if someone could walk me through how they hook theirs up from beginning to end ,maybe that would help me out . perhaps i am missing something . thanks to everyone for their input

Anyone please Im at the end of my line .I must have buggered up something in the build I’m guessing

First let’s make sure some MIDI data is actually transmitted to the MCU…

With the keyboard connected to the Anushri, check the voltage on pin 6 of the 6N137. The voltage should be +5V, and it should temporarily go to lower values whenever a MIDI message is received. Can you observe that?

Thank You pinchenettes I will check this as soon as I can and let you know
Much Appreciated

After months of being away I finally got back to the Anushri . Took my time with the build since it was my first time doing something like this , and although that was the case was pretty sure I didn’t screw anything up. After checking all my soldering points and double checking the chip placement I popped out the 6n137 chip and replaced it opposite to the way it was shown in the pictures and now it works. Could the printing have been applied in the chip the wrong way ? Not sure but I have it working now .
However cannot seem for the life of me to get the x0xb0x style drum sequencer working with my midi keyboard. Everything works on the synth fine but when I try to get it working for the drums , nope . All I get are the three drum sounds but located on different keys then illustrated in the
manual. Does it make a difference that it is only a 49key unit ? Any help would be great

Could you please post a picture of the 6N137 in its socket?

> All I get are the three drum sounds but located on different keys then illustrated in the

Maybe your master keyboard has a “transpose” feature which would have to be disabled?