Anushri MIDI clock too fast?!

So I’ve been having fun using the anushri by itself or occasionally sequencing it over MIDI. I didn’t try slaving it’s sequencer to MIDI clock until just now and it’s running way too fast (faster than the maximum tempo.) I’m having this problem when sending it clock from an octatrack and from a midipal.

I tried updating the firmware to the latest firmware I found posted on the forum which had some clock tweaks but I’m still having the same behavior.

MIDI is otherwise working fine but obviously I must have done something wrong. Any ideas on what could check?

You have to turn the tempo all the way down and THEN hook up your external clock source and it should start accepting external clock.

I’m pretty sure it’s not operator error, the manual is pretty straightforward. I only have the problem when the tempo knob is in the sync position and the anushri is receiving MIDI clock.

My guess is it’s untrustworthy builder (me) error but I wouldn’t mind having something to look for when I open it up again.

Search for “clock resolution” in the user manual. Set the clock speed back to 24 ppqn (resolution needed for MIDI sync) - you have probably changed it by mistake to something else.

Thank you, that fixed it. I guess it was blindly button mashing operator error after all.