Anushri Midi Clock [Solved]

Hi All,
Hope this year will be also successfull for Mutable Instruments with great projects :slight_smile:

So, I’ve a few more questions in regards to Midi implementation of the Anushri.

So, I sent midi (clock, start/stop, notes) via the Channel 1 to the Anushri.

Is it possible to synchronise the clock of the Anushri but to play an arp sequence, and not the notes thatr were send via midi.

Otherwise, I just want to add synchro from a midi clock, because I succed to play an arp sequence, but the tempo is still the tempo from arp section.
(2nd pannel, tempo pot.) :frowning:

Any idee, because the manual is not clear on this section ?

Your DAW should send clock to the Anushri even if you are not sending notes to it, Fx. In FL studio if you press play, it will send the clock to all midi outs.

Although I find it confusing at times what is used when :confused:

The main problem is that I don’t want to use a computer, but only hardware stuff.

The midi is send by a Korg Volca Bass with Midi Out.

Mabye use a midipal to filter the midi to “extract” the clock from the midi message ?

Check if it even outputs clock first :slight_smile:

The midipal can AFAIK send midi clock, but that would work as a master clock, at least to my understanding. Might wanna do some diving there before buying one.

Okay, I’ll check it tonight and analysis midi data through my computer.
(do you know any good freeware which can do it ? I’ll google it otherwise).

Thanks you a lot anyway for your quick and usefull answers.

Other thing to check if I’m reading correctly, have you set the Anushri tempo knob to “external” ? fully anti-clockwise I think.

Clock & Start/Stop message are global, they do not “live” on a particular channel.

So configure the Anushri so that it doesn’t listen to the channel on which the notes are sent.

It’ll still receive the clock & start/stop.

I can confirm that older Korg modules (Electribe’s) can clock the Anushri in arp mode, so I’m guessing here but I’d say that the Volca’s will be able to as well.
I don’t have any Volca’s but on the Electribe’s it just a case of easily changing the midi send channel. I find that a lot easier than changing the Anushri channel.
But I’m not sure if this is as easy on the Volca’s.
So maybe this isn’t much help to you.

The volca s don’t have a midi out so this doesn’t work. It seems you can easily hack a midi out on the volca s though… But I don’t know if it will send midi clock.

@shiftr is right, MIDI jack on the Volca line is just a MIDI input. That’s definitely got something to do with the issue :slight_smile:

You could try the Volca’s sync out jack to the Anushri clock input, though! The clock resolutions might not match up, right off the bat, but AFAIK Volcas output 24 pulses per quarter note sync, so you can just set the Anushri clock resolution to 24ppqn as in the manual

Or, you could reverse your chain and use the Anushri as the MIDI master since it can output clock.

Ah, no midi out might be a slight issue. :slight_smile: oops.
For some reason I assumed they had midi out.

As Joshua said, the sync out should be spitting out 24ppq, which is even easier to clock the Anushri than if it had midi out, no messing about with channels and so on. Winner.

Hey, thanks you all a LOT for the answer.

I donno RFM correctly, I completly forget to "set the Anushri tempo knob to “external”
Now it works perfectly, the anushri can play the ARP sequence set to my external midi clock :))))))

For the Volca Midi Out, it’s juste 3 little wires to add, and a drill to make in the box :wink:
Amazing sequencer for just 120€ ! :smiley:

Volca / Anushri is clearly a really good Acid synth duo (and beyond), which sounds fresher that the really too comonly used 303 / xOx’s / Acidlab