Anushri MIDI/audio I/O expander build

I have no idea which cables I have to solder for
the Anushri MIDI/audio I/O expander.

Maybe anyone has a picture, what points of the board has to be connected
with which leg of the expander parts ?


I’m suffering the same problem here. I spent ages going through various web pages trying to work out which should go where, but alas to no avail. Neither the In, nor the Out midi work, or the Audio In, or the Audio Out. I think I must have got everything the wrong way around somehow. Help!


Take a look on the pinouts of the jacks & midi connectors, that should help a lot. I’m unfortunately on my way to bed, so can’t really handle the complex task of reversion the connections from the anushri to the expander in my mind, but if you make a diagram, it should be simple enough… No wait, don’t think reversing is necessary, just look at the legs of the jack & midi connectors, and connect the expander ones the same way… (Pin to the left on the midi part of anushri goes to pin to the left on the expander midi plug, and so on)
Should all work out fine in the end, but do use your noggin’, instead of relying on my tired one :smiley:
Will try to make a diagram tomorrow if nobody chimes in, and you can’t seem to get it working(and if I remember it).

Aren’t there small numbers behind the expander midi connector? And numbers on PCB.