Anushri meets an Oberheim Matrix 1000

Very nice,
but it has only the drums of the anushri, voices only matrix, right ?

Yes , thats correct . I forgot with the embed the description is missing here it is:

A friend who is a synth wizard loaned me his Oberheim Matrix 1000

I had a few problems getting it to work, it had a bad power cable so i used a spare one i had , had to look for one that was grounded :slight_smile: The volumes on the rack are LOUD< very powerful sounds from this device

This test is:

OB Matrix 1000 preset 4
running through a Mutable Instruments YM Shruthi 1 used as a sound processor ( delay)
drums are the glorious lofi MI Anushri on MIDI channel 16 and triggered X0X style using a Roland PC 160

Allright then, thank you for the info.
I’ve just finished building my second anushri, and haven’t heard one (voice) on your track
but, unfortunately that other tool (OB) is out of my range.
is it possible to upload here on the forum music directly w/o using soundcloud ?

re: music Idont know if you can upload

I posted another track with an anushri and the eurorack, the arpeggio is anushri in all its monophonic glory