Anushri manual

Hello, Can i find a pdf version of Anushri manual somewhere?


best way to do that is using Chrome and the Clearly extention from Evernote, then print to a PDF file. Works quite well.

Great tip, thank you!

ctrl+a > ctrl+p> print into pdf-file

Awesome tip @aerror!

PDF Attached

I’m doing the final version of an Anushri Manual following the other definitive ones I’ve made for the Shruthi and Ambika. :wink:
I’ll release it as soon as I can!

Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

@cr73645 Any news about Anushri Manual that you were working on ?

Hi there!
@cr73645 I also wanted to ask where to get the “new final” PDF :slight_smile: Thanks for replying!

Here it is @FlavioB