Anushri LXR MiniBrute MiniNova live impro


Ableton one take audio recording

Next time, camera recording

Jürgen :wink:

Haha, don’t post links when using cloud-to-butt…

Nah, I like it. Mostly because yours now says butt-to-butt… But yeah, I forgot >_>

say what ?

It’s for anyone who works in IT, or for some other reason has to read tech news regularly… :slight_smile:

And for non-IT’s that means :

Nothing, except for a bit of un-expected funtimes when reading articles about clouds…

Basically a lot of articles mentioned “the cloud” as a solution to all IT problems, so much so that someone made a plugin to change cloud to butt… To at least make reading dull and incorrect articles a bit of fun :slight_smile:

hahaha, IC