Anushri lunchbox

@qp, Ray hints that the caps can be changed or some of them even eliminated depending on the output requirements. When I get the PCBs I’m going to send him a note and see if he has a recommendation based on the limited requirements my lunchbox has, less than 300ma on each side, including the Anushri (150ma each side I think).

ah, gotcha. Was thinking you got the kit that comes with the beefy caps. Carry on.

@piscione (and other): true, ladik is cheap, but also very basic. I was not suggesting waverunner as a one-to-one replacement, but as a module that packs similar but more functionality into 4hp. And it can be diy’ed.

@qp: The synthrotek power supply was discussed here already and dismissed as suboptimal design: the +12V is taken straight from the power brick (of unknown quality), only the -12V are provided by a voltage regulator. I got the pcb and wil try nonetheless …

@morcego, understood. As I stated, priority here was price. I really just need basic functionality, to augment the Anushri. Regarding the MFOS PCBs, since I know very little about this sort of thing, I may be coming back here to ask for advice on the voltage regulators and power supply caps.

@morcego, ah well there ya go. I’m not as active here as I once was so things can slip by me from time to time. At any rate, I have the synthrotek PS and have not had any issues with it as of yet. Matter of fact, it will be powering my Euroracked Anushri once the panel arrives. Will have to note any irregularities.