Anushri lunchbox

Now that my Anushri is more or less working (and it’s great), here’s a few pics of where it will end up. The first is a “fake” pic to show what I think will be the end result, and the others are the progress so far. I’m planning on using Ray Wilson’s Wall Wart power supply and might use Ray’s dual VCA instead of the Manhattan Analog VCA.

Very cool.

wow, someone said eurorack and you said “How High?” :slight_smile:

I do tend to jump into things. Doing some renovations in the house, let’s aim for end of October-ish for a visit to the 'burbs!

Lovely Bento that. Will be a fun little box.

Hi ! What is this power supply ? :slight_smile: seems nice !

It’s a clone of a T-60B that I put in a small plastic case.

LOve the Bento Piscione!. Just a question - concerning the “hifiness” of the Anushri - I find it a wild beast and i adore it for that. First synth I just played and played for the hell of it. Anyway I was wondering compared to all the other “monosynths” in euroland is the Anushri up there with an Atlantis say? Im very curious.

What’s the thing with the fancy knobs on the right side on the blue surface? Edit: nevermind - just realized it’s that weird shruthi you built in an old heathkit case or whatever.

Thanks @Dogma!

I haven’t noticed anything lo-fi about it yet, but I have not compared it to anything specifically looking for fidelity. I really like it 'though, thinking about getting one for myself, since the box is supposed to be for my son. The filter sounds great, sequencer is fun, drums are also fun, should be a great live improv rig.

As you can see from the first “photo,” I have an extra LFO coming to modulate the STO, and EG and VCA for the STO for amplitude duties, and a small mixer (CP3), which I’m going to run the STO, Anushri audio and Anushri drums into. Might add another filter for the STO later, thinking about the EMW SP. I wish Andre would release his for Eurorack.

I also still have a few mods to do to the Anushri but once I get the box set up, I’m going to do some recording.

@borfo, you are correct!

DO you like vactorals? Im freakin in love. Get an MMG

I have a fair bit of this. including an MMG. I can’t fit the MMG into the little box 'though. Besides, the idea behind the box is to let my son terrorize an audience with it.

The one unknown is the power supply. I’m hoping Ray’s supply will fit okay, and then a simple AC wallwart will be all that is required. I only got the PCB because I’m thinking about using smaller caps for my limited power requirements.

thats fantastic. I hope theyre suitably terrified.

This is looking quite sexy.

I hadn’t thought of it like that but thanks!

“The one unknown is the power supply” --> the MFOS one probably works just fine. Otherwise there is also the PCB from Frequency Central (which looks almost identical because of the huge capacitors), and eowave now also has a power supply in store: Not much information given, unfortunately, but it might also be suitable for a small lunchbox (using an external power brick).

ps. the lunchbox looks great. Why did you go for the Ladik modules? The waverunner lfo from frequency central would also be an option, i like it a lot. Probably work well synced to the clock output of anushri.

Thanks for the power supply advice @morcego. The MFOS PCBs are on the way, hopefully I can fit the stuff in the box somehow. I chose the Ladik modules mainly because they are inexpensive and I’ve been curious to try them out. The Waverunner is $200.00 CAD while the Ladik LFO is $70.00 CAD and I do not need to build it.

I want to keep the cost down as much as possible on the lunchbox, and if I didn’t already have a spare STO, I would’ve been looking at a less-costly VCO as well.

Well the ladik lfo and waverunner are not very similar…

True, but again, it was price. Does the Waverunner have 3x the functionality of the Ladik? Maybe, but for this application, it didn’t matter to me.

FYI, these are great little power supplies. Not sure what kind of depth you have in the lunchbox, but the caps on the MFOS supply are pretty tall. You’ll need 4" of clearance. Although you could probably solder them in on their sides and just secure it to a bit of wood.