Anushri - Lumberg jacks and DPDTs ON ON ON

Hi there,

I have finally started to build my second Anushri, this time for eurorack, and self sourcing parts, I seem to have everything covered except for the Lumberg Jacks, and those DPDT ON ON ON switches.

For the DPDT they have these ones at banzaï, anybody knows if they’ll fit?

For the pots, I’m thinking about wiring 12mm alpha pots with D shafts from Banzaï,
If someone has a reference at Mouser for some panel-tight D-shafted PCB mount 9mm, I’ll take it, but I really want my pots to be screwed to the panel, I don’t like loose pots.

I’m planning to order the rest of the parts from Mouser and Banzaï, but I would like to avoid paying the shipping fees from Farnell just for the jacks and DPDTs.

I have 6 Lumbergs left from a previous project, and I’d be very glad if someone had 6 spares, and/or the DPDTs to ship to me in France, I’m open to trades and I could add a few items to my Mouser or Banzaï order in return.

Thanks a lot!

Please just use 9mm pots soldered on the board. If you use good quality pots they will feel tight and not wobbly.