Anushri LFO reset / sync

I have read that the LFO will lock over 4 beats of the seq / arp clock.

Maybe I should play but I have my Anushri locked to external midi, is there a way to get the LFO to cycle over different multiples of incoming midi clock ? and / or reset on midi note on ?


No. It’s technically feasible, but there is no room for this in the user interface.

Cheers, just wondered, for me it would be great if the far left of the LFO speed had a few option for 1/2 bar, beat etc but maybe others would prefer the way it is.

These are both fanastic features I would love to see implemented as bonus features accessed through CC; would definitely add some meat to my anushri midi controller presets

How about having midi clock sync as one extra LFO shape, and LFO rate as the multiple of the clock?

This is the one feature I miss in using Anushri, and it would be great to have it.

But then, how do you select the LFO shape?

Good point, stupid me. Can’t figure out anything else than CC or some combination of simultaneous button clicks (if that would even be possible, and in any case it would be quite complicated).