Anushri LED mount

On photo illustrating the led mounting, there is a white support between the LED and PCB.
I’is not included in the kit ?
What gap must be left ?

IF you have the standard acrylic case it really doesn’t matter, if you like you can solder the LEDs flush to the board.

If you want to use the new, gorgeous, glorious Alu Panel, solder the LEDs at last like this:

  • insert LEDs (right orientation)
  • mount ALU Panel to the UI Board as per instructions
  • insert LEDs from behind to the panel. Stick some Tape on the Panel to keep the LEDs at the right height
  • solder LEDs, cut Legs, Attach/mount Mainboard.

Thank’s it’s ok.

Wish I’d read this before I cut my legs but tbh it looks ok with the Ali panel with the LEDs flush not much bleed through