Anushri Kits OOS already?

Wow, teach me to catch the flu release day! Congrats on this Oliver!

Yupe, I just checked in Sunday 5:36 pm Pacific Standard Time and the cupboard was bare.

I figured this would be the case! A great success for Mutable! Soooo glad I was able to nab one… with my phone while driving on the highway…

Will there be any more kits owing to the mad success of this?

On facebook I think Olivier said not for a while…

“This batch is now sold out! Releasing a complex product like that was kind of insane, I’m not ready yet to start all over again for a new batch…”

Wow. Sweet!

Got mine, sadly not whilst driving on the highway, eating a cheeseburger, and drinking a well known green and white logo brand of coffee. :wink:
And threw a MIDIpal into the cart, you know. Because it was there.

*just noticed that it was posted on FB, funny, I didn’t even think to look there. :slight_smile:

I’m breathing a sigh of relief then. I was stopping myself from buying one, because I really should save my money for Ambika. But I also knew I was very likely to succumb, so it’s kind of good that the temptation is out of the way for now.

I knew I would be half way up a hill , so I pre-planned and got my mate to grab one for me …phew!

Got mine, too. I just can’t stop myself buying everything Olivier releases. I think I have everything except the original Shruti and the SSM and CEM filter boards.


good to see it’s still the good old buy within 10 minutes after release or practice some patience / source on yr own kinda thing :smiley:

i am broke at the moment and now i missed it.

@rosch I don’t think they sold out quite that quickly. I put in my order for the kit about an hour after they went on sale. I may have got one of the last ones, though.


haha i guess an hour is still good enough? i remember in May 2011 (that was when the dual SVF and digi FX became available) the countdown ended and i went in the store to fill my shopping cart. when i tried to check out the digital control boards were already out of stock (so i guess the kits must have been even faster?)
anyway, great stuff!

I have my shipping confirmation I have my shipping confirmation trallalaaaa

lol me too…

Does anyone have some BOM baskets they can share, especially for the fancier parts ( pots, buttons, polystyrene caps… ) ?
I’ll admit to being quite lazy with parts sourcing.
Ideally not from Digikey, I had a bad experience with them last time (shipment took ages and I had to pay ridiculous import duties to the carrier most of which were only refunded to me 6 weeks later ).

double check this

I was doing it until i realised it was cheaper to buy a kit :slight_smile:

I got one! :slight_smile:

just made a mouser BOM too