Anushri Kit recovered from "sleeping beauty" storage

For reasons I do not remember, I never bought one of the original Anushri Kits back in the day.
I tried to get a used one for some time now.

Earlier this week, I managed to buy an original kit from Feb 2014 (#7219) from a chap who had the kit sitting in storage as a “sleeping beauty”.

Just received it today and found that everything was really untouched for >5years. :star_struck:

Now I’m looking forward to finally build my Anushri.

Bonus: I also got a Shruthi-1 Kit from that era (#7210) :upside_down_face:


Alive - and sounding great ! :partying_face:

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My Anushri already found a friend, providing nice MIDI notes and taking audio in for additional delay and reverb:

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