Anushri kit delivery time

A bag of electronics components is obviously very suspicious. To think that at one time I read 1984 and thought it was ridiculous.

Mine would’ve been delivered on Saturday, but I wasn’t home. I totally spaced and forgot about Veteran’s day yesterday. I was all excited to go pick up my package, when I saw the gates closed at the post office. Today it is, though I won’t be able to build it for another week or so (going on a vacation). Hurry up and wait!

It’s a beumb

Ellu, did you get yours? Still no Big A. in western Finland :confused:

Nope. Maybe they sent it to Sweden by accident.

And mine is in Siberia. Or Antarctica.

An Anushri kit has arrived in Denver, CO (sort of an anti-climactic destination).

Had a US Customs ‘inspected’ tape on mine. Everything was undisturbed save for packaging for Frank’s case. Maybe the color has a Mass Hypnosis effect? That would be cool!

Wow, this is weird! Never happened before.

Hahaha since the 7th, Colissimo has said that my package is getting ready to leave the country of origin and still says that… tho the package is in my house. Got here today, thankfully without any customs holds or inspection tapes.

Didn’t think of this sooner (duh), but the Colissmo tracking number works at the USPS site for more detailed tracking in ‘merica. Cool!

Attempt was made to deliver mine yesterday (New Hampshire, USA) but I wasn’t home, so hopefully I’ll have it today.

Got Anushri pcbs delivered to Northern California, took 5 business days.

received pcbs and chips today, 6 business days to NYC. stoked!

Mine showed up today along with my Nord G1 rack and the latest ASL journal, good postal day for me

Is it safe to assume that you will be restocking Anushri pcbs? And congrats on selling all the kits and pcbs first run so quickly.

@bleo Colissimo’s tracking will continue to say that, since they don’t track further than the french border ->Your own post service will be the one to track further + tell Colissimo that the package has arrived… :confused:

I’ve found this site which allows to submit the package tracking ID to many different international sites.

FWIW, I’m not complaining, just sharing infos and observations. I’m pretty sure previous Mutable orders from Colissimo gave tracking info beyond the French border. Looks like it’s a moot point with pichenettes’ link above.

Looks like all of a sudden Colissimo is now keeping a status history for tracking IDs-about time. I found that using the tracking number in my local postal service’s website gave me better information even before the package had arrived in Australia. Should be delivered tomorrow :slight_smile: