Anushri kit delivery time

Mine has just arrived! 12.30 lunchtime here in the UK, Wednesday Nov 07 2012
that is pretty impressive to Yorkshire , England in that time …the YM boards took a while longer … way back when I built my first shruthi that was 3-4 days iirc.
Hats off to all involved , many thanks Olivier.

Oh man if I get my kit by this weekend… !

Just curious… I’m on the West Coast of the USA. Would anyone be able to give me a rough idea as to how long the transit time would be?

Mine arrived with me in London today, also.
I’m impressed, too…


My pizza just arrived in Inverness and it’s still warm. :slight_smile:

I hope thats not the best you can tell about your pizza…

:slight_smile: The base is cooked to perfection and the mouth-watering toppings…! :’) I can’t wait to get my teeth into this one, it looks even more beautiful in reality. The photos on the menus never do justice.

the bird is in the nest…

@cold_fashioned: deliveries from Mutable have never taken more than a fortnight to make it to me in Australia-you should have yours considerably sooner…

A kit just landed in Berlin! Bad-weather-over-the-weekend never looked so appropriate :smiley:

Got mine today in Detroit.

I don’t know what grudges the French have against the Finns, they’ve been sitting on my kit for the whole week. “La Poste is handling your parcel. It is currently being routed.”

Same here. No Anushri for finns:( It got faster to Detroit!

It keeps that status until the French Poste gets some feedback from their counterpart in your country. That could just be the status ‘delivered’ and no others. It’s the case in Belgium too, I recently had a Colissimo shipment that kept this status while in fact I had already found a note in my mailbox stating that it was available at the post office because no one was at home when they tried to deliver it. UPS and DHL are able to communicate statuses much better because they control the whole end-to-end route but of course there’s a slight price difference too…

A nice little box full of goodies just showed up in the Mountains of Utah!

Didn’t think of this sooner (duh), but the Colissmo tracking number works at the USPS site for more detailed tracking in 'merica. Appears that my kit was not quite delivered Saturday, since I’m having it delivered to my office, which is closed on Saturday… and today is a federal holiday (Veteran’s Day), one more day won’t hurt I suppose.


Same here, federal holiday today for the veterans day falling on sunday

I can wait the extra days also

A couple of Anushris arrived in Oz yesterday…along with a couple of boxes of parts. Was quite well timed :slight_smile:

Small town Texas, it arrived at the P.O. Saturday, I should get it tomorrow. Quelle vitesse!, as we say in these here parts.

Held in customs for inspection great