Anushri keyboard idea/ advice needed

Hi folks, i’m new here. There’s some incredible diy kit on here, just astonishing

I’ve been doing diy for about a year- lots of pedals and multi fx units, mfos noise toaster, Shruthi, Groovesizer etc

Anyway enough history. Shortly i’m going to be building the Anushri. I had the idea of building it with a few eurorack fx modules with an old midi 37 key keyboard (hard wired)all boxed up together. I’m ok at case building.

This would be my first step into bi polar supply etc. Am i out of my depth? Is there anything i need to be thinking about? Its going to be quite expensive if i can’t pull it off.

It’s probably only going to be the anushri, extra filter, cv delay, cv distortion.

Am i missing something obvious? is there anything else you would add
Apologies for rambling, i’m not even sure what i’m asking yet

You’ll need a modulation module for the extra filter/delay/distortion, as the ADSR/LFO on the Anushri are not accessible. Also i’ve thought about modding the Anushri, introducing a send/return between the existing oscillators and filter for running through a waveshaping module

I had a similar thing in my mind for a while, cause the Anushri is amazing. But ive arrived at the conclusion that Delays etc are better kept outboard for all my gear, and its fine as is

I would still like to make one with a built in 303style push button keyboard below however!

edit: @jimi23 beat me to it :slight_smile:

One thought is that you would have a lack of patchable modulation sources which might defeat part of the purpose of building it that way, which I would assume is to have a cool all-in-one synth/groovebox/FX? I would definitely want some external envelope generators/LFOs or something like that before I’d want a second filter. Maybe squeeze a Frequency Central Wave Runner or some other small syncable LFO at least? Otherwise you may save some trouble and just build the Anushri for wall-wart power and use guitar-style unipolar powered effects since you won’t have anything built in to offer CV.

Bipolar power isn’t too complex. Just find something that would work for you which doesn’t require you wiring directly to mains power and you should be fine. You can probably find some info on one of the DIY power supply systems which might be an appropriate size at the Muff Wiggler DIY forum, or use something like a Tiptop uZeus and split off power before the bipolar supply for your MIDI keyboard. uZeus, for example, uses 15VDC power. Most MIDI keyboards I’ve had use 9-12VDC, so you could use a regulator to bring it down pretty easily.

Not to deter you, but rather to give an idea in case you haven’t seen it, would be taking a look at the Super37:

A bit expensive IMO but a cool idea and a little bit like what you’re thinking about as far as I understand, might provide some inspiration!

I totally want what you want, though! I’ve decided to consolidate my whole setup and I’ll be using a certain 37 key analog Swedish device as a main hardware synth/CV sequencer/controller keyboard along with my MI modules, Shruthi, Anushri, and eventually Ambika.

Thanks for replying. Jimi
I guess i’m very naive. I thought i could just patch stuff.
The Anushri does sound amazing, i had grand ideas beyond my skills as usual
The push button keyboard idea would be very cool

Oh thanks joshua i’ve only just noticed your reply. Yeah i’ve seen the super37 and its exactly what i had in mind but way way too expensive.

I guess if the reality was as easy as it is in my head then everyone would have one :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered a power supply board from frequency central.

Great advice and food for thought from both of you. Thank you

You can just patch stuff, but certain things don’t do anything worthwhile/anything at all. Anushri has no modulation outputs, just inputs. Clock, Gate, and V/Oct are there along with the audio outs, but none of those will do too much good to, say, sweep your distortion or modify your delay time or feedback. LFOs or envelopes are perfect for that, though!

Reading up on modular synthesis a bit would probably give you some background even if you’re not really interested in full modular stuff.

You could even build an Anushri as a Euro module, throw it in a case or make a case, and add some DIY modules and get a feel for how patching works and then you’ll have a better idea of where to go from there.

Thanks for this. you have saved me a lot of money and frustration. I really am out of my depth :slight_smile:
I must admit even though i understand the principles i don’t really understand cv etc