Anushri Issues - Glide always on (No legato) - DCO oscillator goes out when tuning


I have two issues.

First, it describes glide in the manual as happening between two consecutive notes. That sounds like a legato mode. On my unit is always on mode. When I play notes the glide is always activated.

Second is that the volume of the DCO oscillator goes away completley when I autotune it.
Only way to get it back is to do a hard reset.

What might be the issue here?

Midi CC 31 enables/disables legato mode. With a value of 0, legato is always applied, with a value above 0, legato is applied only on overlapping notes.

I have no idea!

Is the DCO affected by the PWM setting on the anushri? (Meaning PWM impacts both DCO and VCO at the same time)

No, it’s always a square wave.