Anushri is back

In less than 20 hours…

Get ready!


I know this is ridiculous, but will there be kits in January/February for all us poor people that can’t afford one now? :confused:

dumb comment redacted

A batch might be planned at the end of january.

Awesome! <3

finger on trigger - thanks for email heads-up pichenettes!

nabbed one - thanks! 20 knobs to tweak - crazy. the separate drum output decided it for me. quality design!

Waiting for the machine and a nice rack mount kit. It’s my christmas gift :wink:

Got mine, can’t wait! :slight_smile:

Got my second one - building for a friend!

Well, I bought all the parts myself one month ago (because apparently nobody planned to do another kit soon). It costed me a lot, around 350€ with all the shippings. I just got all my parts yesterday. So I am a little bit disapointed. But that’s the game I suppose. Good buy and good luck for building to all the lucky people getting kits.

Damn, I just bought an Ambika last night now you’re telling me the Anushri is back in stock? My wallet might get very light this month…

If I just wanted a bare board and a rackmount kit will the shipping be delayed on that?

Coreyc: you can go, I have a few ones here and I can handle your order.

Any ideas/speculation on how long this batch is gonna last? Timing isn’t great for me… at all… but…

20 kits still in stock.

So after talking to Frank, he tells me international orders are going through france first. Any rough idea of when they will leave from france?

If you place your order this week-end, on monday. If you have placed your order before, your kit has already been shipped.