Anushri is alive! (need help with MIDI) (sorted out)

So, I got my anushri completed, and I have got sounds coming out, and it sounds like all the functions work. I was only able to accomplish this using the hold button for 2 seconds to generate a tone. I for some reason cannot figure out MIDI :(. I am using ableton and an Audio Kontrol 1 which has 1 MIDI out and in and to control it I am using an LPK25 usb keyboard.

I have checked and double checked to make sure I am using the right ports. Does anyone else use ableton who could guide me though the MIDI out process. I have always used USB controlled MIDI so this is my first proper MIDI hardwire.

Edit: for any future others in this situation, ableton has a special “external instrument” that you need to add as an insert, and then route output through your soundcard MIDI out.

Although I am having build issues, I have already tried to think out this situation since my only keyboard is usb, but my soundcard has MIDI in/out. I THINK, you need to create two channels in Ableton (one audio one MIDI) and run ext in to the audio channel and run MIDI out to the anushri from the other channel.

that is my current theory. Although I am able to get midi to make anushri respond audio to a guitar, for some reason my sound card is not liking the audio in, which has never been a problem. so I am currently trouble shooting that,

sorted that too: You have to arm both the audio out and the ext instrument in at the same time.

oh! good to know, I often have issues with the monitor being set to on or auto.

It sounds lovely, I am in love :slight_smile:

if you get yours up and going and run into software issues feel free to ask and I will try to help.

WHEN I get it up and running :slight_smile:

Yes of course When, never give up! From looking at your pictures, you need to do a lot of re-soldering.though.

Check the new ones…I re-soldered everything today

oh nice, I will.