Anushri IR clock out mod?

I have a couple of those IR devices (Space Baby Delay, MIDI IR) and so I was wondering about modding the Anushri to output ‘beat clock’ via IR (seeing as it already pulses the top-right LED)

Would it be as simple as wiring up a IR transmitter LED to the same pads as that LED? Or maybe there’s already provision on the PCB? Or maybe it’s more complicated than that?

I’d love to slave my nebulophone to anushri! You try any experiments just wiring the tranmitter to the LED pad to see what happens?

i think you would have more succes wiring a ir led + resistor on the sync out jack

Yeah why not just make a little IR convertor for the sync out jack? Seems feasible …

without reading the manuals right now, does anyone know offhand if the anushri has an analog clock out? trigger level would be sufficient. if so, i’ll tease my band buddy with it tonight.


thanks :wink: