Anushri in a tiptop rack with a zeus power supply

I’m curious what other’s solutions were for hooking the 16 pin Zeus to the 10 pin Anushuri. The Anushri shipped with a 16 pin part to go in the 10 holes on the pcb.

It seems straight forward enough to get what I want but I wonder if there is a standard method as this is the first thing I have ever euroracked.

  • Cut the 3x2 pins in excess.
  • Solder on Anushri’s board.
  • Connect to the 2x5 female connector from the Zeus, so that the red stripe is connected to the bottom of the connector.

That is what I was headed for, thanks for that.

The zeus cables are 2x8 female. I can’t see the unconnected pins hurting anything so long as the power is lined up right.

Most leave the top two rows unconnected:

That was very helpful! Thanks!

I am making my bus cables 2x8 on the busboard side, and 2x5 on the module side.