Anushri hard sync and saw

Hey, I have a question. On my Anushri when I turn on sync, turn the vco range knob to min, turn the sub level knob to min, and turn the vco mix knob to saw I still can hear sound. When I turn the vco mix knob to square the synth goes silent. Is this normal?

Well it’s what mine does. I would guess that it is normal but I’m interested to know in case it isn’t.

The reason I think it’s normal is that a saw being prematurely reset is just a smaller saw. It should get quieter and quieter the further below the DCO it is, but a square wave will get a narrower pulse width until the pulses just disappear alltogether. So I think this is normal.

> Is this normal?


Let’s say the DCO (sync master) is at 400 Hz and the VCO is at 100 Hz. So the master resets the waveform every 2.5ms.

The sawtooth has already ramped up a bit when it is reset. You hear a sound, but with lower amplitude (1/4th of the normal amplitude, because the waveform is only at 1/4th of its trajectory when it gets the reset pulse).

But as for the square wave, the waveform is reset before it reaches the point where it switches polarity! A 100 Hz square wave is 5ms at -3.5V and 5ms at 3.5V. Since the reset pulse is sent every 2.5ms, the waveform is stuck at 3.5V so you hear nothing.

Thanks for the info :wink: