Anushri Gate in not reaching VCA

Hi everyone,

After happily using my Anushri standalone for a while, I finally finished my eurorack case and installed it along with an o_C and output as the first modules. I’ve noticed a problem, which I’m not sure is a bug or me misunderstanding the documentation.

When I play the anushri with a MIDI keyboard, it works exactly as expected. When I try to trigger it with pitch and gate CVs, the gate LED lights up, but nothing comes out unless I also send a signal to the VCA in. If I do, I can hear the envelope modulating things, so I know that the envelope is being generated, it just doesn’t seem to be reaching the VCA.

From the manual, it looks like triggering the gate externally work exactly as playing a MIDI keyboard key. Any ideas what the problem is, or where to start looking?

I figured it out! The velocity destination setting (bottom right knob on the Kbd settings page) was set to full velocity, apparently setting the internal default VCA value to zero unless either triggered by a MIDI note with velocity, or overridden by VCA CV in.

Setting the velocity destination knob to the middle setting (velocity has no effect) fixed the problem, the Anushri now responds nicely to gates.

On further experimentation, it looks like this is only half the problem. In order for the VCA envelope to correctly get fired on incoming gates, it first needs to have received one MIDI note. This is of course very annoying for modular use. I’ll have a look through the source code and see how best to fix it. @pichenettes, any suggestions?