Anushri .fpd

Anyone have a starting frontal panel designer .fpd file for anushri (also only holes)??
Thanks in advance

Can you import .eps files in FPD?

dxf will import

fpd is not good friend with file importing , maybe dxf but my for experiences is very limited

As my painfully experiences showed the dxf of fpd completely sucks, i never got anything useable out of dxf imported. If anybody ever did, good advices are heavily appreciated.

Here is quick import of HPGL .plt made from original enclosure template.
I’m not so familiar with CNC, but afaik you have to shift hole outlines inside according to mill radus. Attachement optimized for 0.6 mm mill.

perfect! thank you very much…it work in fpd78gfth.-àò…i’m using it as a mask for to drive my frontal
thank you again!

Does anyone happen to know what I would have to change in the file to order this, for example, from . Do I just have to switch the pen options to cutters instead of engravers? There it wouldn’t cost a ton and it would arrive rather fast. They could probably do the prints too. I got one of the last Anushri kits, but sadly the eurorack panels and the plastic cases were sold out. I was looking more at the panel, and building wooden sides for it.