Anushri Firmware Tweak?

Would anyone be willing to help me tweak the Anushri firmware to add the following features when using MIDI in to play the synth section:

1. Notes with velocity over threshold value (100, say) trigger Accent (same as when accent applied to step with internal step sequencer)

2. Mono legato effect, so overlapping notes trigger Slide (also as with Anushri step-sequencer)

It should be pretty simple, I imagine, for someone (unlike me) who knows what they’re doing, firmware-hacking wise.


With these two features added, I think it would work excellently with my Bassline Explorer.


How about adding the extra zones to the topographical map on the drums as per Grids while somebody’s at it?

I imagine the available resources are pretty limited, but that might also be possible.


Can’t you assign velocity to cutoff in the Anushri anyway? Or does the accent in the sequencer have a different effect?

The step-sequencer Accent increases the filter enveloper amount, rather then (or as well as, not sure) raising the filter cutoff directly. This has the effect of making the note snappier, rather than just brighter.


Ahh yes. I prefer the sound of envelope scaling by velocity rather than using velocity as an offset. Didn’t realise the built in velocity sensitivity just applied it as an offset. Maybe that’s the thing to change rather than a conditional “if velocity > 100 then accent the note”.

Maybe. I’d be happy with continuously-variable accent amount, so yes, velocity adding to filter env amount would work just as well. Unless step-sequencer Accent does other things, too. On the 303, it also reduces filter enveloper decay time, but I don’t think that’s the case with the Anushri.

Incidentally, I think auto-glide/legato is already implemented (I’ll check this evening), so I can maybe cross that off already :slight_smile: